Scar Type

There are many types of scars that ScarStick™ is designed to prevent or treat. Some of these include: hypertrophic, keloid, burn, post-surgical, and traumatic scars. Whether your scar is new or old, ScarStick™ can help, though the treatment is most effective the sooner you begin.


A hypertrophic scar is confined to the original wound area, and does not extend outside the boundaries of the initial area of damage. This scar is raised and thick, and is often darker than the surrounding skin. They are occasionally very red, and sometimes painful.  ScarStick™ helps hypertrophic scars regress and flatten.


Even after a wound has healed, collagen may continue to be produced in excess, resulting in a keloid scar. A keloid scar is a thick cluster of tissue that grows beyond the edges of the original wound area. The result is an exaggerated reddish growth that projects well above the rest of the skin. Keloids are itchy and typically form on the chest, ear lobes, and shoulders, but can occur anywhere The darker your skin, the more likely you are to develop this particular type of scar formation.

Because surgery can sometimes make keloids worse, it’s best to prevent this kind of scar in the first place. If you’re prone to keloids, be sure to apply ScarStick™ to as soon as your wound has healed shut (approximately four weeks after the injury).


Most burn scars are caused either by heat, electricity, or friction. Burn scars often turn into a hypertrophic scar or a keloid scar, which can be improved by the ingredients in ScarStick™. Very deep, severe burn scars may go beneath the dermal layer and result in nerve damage. These deep scars – or contracture scars – result in a permanent tightening of the skin, and must be surgically corrected.  Burns can be treated with silicone very effectively, and ScarStick™ can become an important part of that regimen.


Post-operative scars may result either from cosmetic surgery or another type of medical operation. ScarStick™ may be particularly helpful for post-op patients who tend to develop raised hypertrophic scars or keloids. ScarStick™ is a great post operative scar reduction treatment that has helped thousands of patients improve the results of their post operative incision.  ScarStick™ was developed by a plastic surgeon to help patients fade the tummy tuck or breast augmentation scar.  The ScarStick™ worked so well, and made so many patients happy, that the use of the ScarStick™ has expanded to treat all types of scars.


Accidents happen, and when they do, a traumatic scar may result. Traumatic scars can vary from hypertrophic scars to flat red scars to keloid scars. Unlike surgical scars, traumatic scars tend to heal poorly because of their intense, random nature. ScarStick™ is ideal for smoothing out haphazard scar tissue, and can greatly reduce the time it takes to fully heal.